Three Three Robin reaches new high of $2,465 psf

Sturdee Residences additionally achieved a brand-new psf-price high in the course of the period in evaluation with the transaction of a 420 sq ft unit for $898,888, or $2,141 psf, on Aug 1. The merchant of the one-bedroom unit on the 27th floor had actually bought it from the property developer in May 2016 for $752,400 ($1,792 psf), which suggests they made a growth of around $146,000 or 19% on the sale. The dealing defeats the last psf-price strong at Sturdee Residences logged in June, when a 420 sq ft flat was reselled for $888,000 or $2,115 psf.

Three Three Robin is a property development by SC Global Developments which was carried out in 2005. The boutique enhancement has already 36 units housed in a singular block. Units make up two- to four-bedders between 1,367 and 4,855 sq ft.

One more development that hit a new psf-price high is Mountbatten Lodge, a freehold apartment on Mountbatten Route in District 15. A one-bedroom apartment on the initial level evaluating 334 sq ft unit changed hands for $650,000, or $1,948 psf, on July 28. The deal exceeds the previous record of $1,745 psf registered in May, when a 355 sq ft unit was promoted for $620,000.

The unit offered on July 28 is the initial residence at Three Robin to shift hands this year. Before that, one of the most recent resale deal at the property happened a year ago when a 1,636 sq ft unit on the 8th level brought $3.75 million ($2,292 psf) in July 2022.

Cape Royale condominium

Three Three Robin, a freehold condo on Robin Road in top District 10, topped the listing of condominiums that saw a new psfprice high in between July 28 and Aug 1. This was attained with the sale of a 1,582 sq ft, three-bedroom unit on the 6th floor for $3.9 million, or $2,465 psf, on July 28. The deal notes the first time the development has actually moved across the $2,400 psf limit, and defeats the past high of $2,389 psf started March 2022 the minute a 1,582 sq ft unit switched hands for $3.78 million.

Sturdee Residences is a 99-year leasehold residence on Beatty Street in District 8 that was finalized in 2019. The 305-unit condominium was created by SL Capital, a subordinate of neighborhood property project business Sustained Land. Situated near to Farrer Park MRT Station, the development is a 30-storey twin-tower plan with a mix of 1- to five-bedroom units that vary from 420 to 1,830 sq ft.

Mountbatten Lodge was finished in 1998 with just 28 household units. Apartments consist of one- and two-bedders between 280 and 721 sq ft. The growth rises within the upmarket residential enclave that lines Mountbatten Road in the East Coast. Throughout the route from Mountbatten Lodge is Liv@MB, the upcoming 298-unit housing project by Bukit Sembawang Estates.

Based on caveats lodged with URA, the unit sold on July 28 had been purchased by the vendor from the developer in September 2004 for $1.69 million ($1,067 psf). This implies they made a boost of $2.21 million (131%) on the deal.

No brand-new psf-price lows were filed throughout the duration in evaluation.