Office fit-out costs in Singapore rise to $188 psf, highest in Southeast Asia

Inside Apac, Japanese cities had the utmost fit out costs. Tokyo ($ 268 psf) took the top place followed by Osaka ($ 263 psf) and Nagoya ($ 258 psf). Singapore ranked 14th in terms of standard fit out expense in Apac capitals.

The higher costs in Singapore come as common fit out costs remained to go up across the Asia Pacific (Apac) region, though at a slower pace opposed to last year.

This produces workplaces in Singapore one of the most expensive to fit out in Southeast Asia for the second year operating. The cost assumes greater than 50% of the place is allocated to dedicated workstations and that the occupant has actually embraced adaptable operating process post-pandemic.

According to C&W, the raise in prices was underpinned by sustained stress factors throughout the global supply chain, causing increased shipping costs. The recurring problem in Europe has minimized trade movements and re-routed freight vessels far from the Suez Canal, including around 10-14 days in transit time.

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The common price of fitting out an office in Singapore climbed 4.4% from $180 psf in 2022 to $188 psf in 2023, according to a report by global residential property consultancy Cushman & Wakefield (C&W).

Grant Carter, head of project and development services for Singapore at C&W, monitors that the trip to high quality trend stays prominent, with more companies selecting much better outstanding structures in business-strategic places.

C&W emphasize that producing offices that market productivity, wellness and sustainability continues to be a top priority for tenants even as they face cost demands.

Amongst Southeast Asian metropolitan areas, Manila had the second best average office fit out expense at $129 psf, followed by Bangkok at $144 psf.

In relations to global positions, London has one of the most costly fit out prices globally at $355 psf.

” Designing for a curated office space experience is on the surge, with an ongoing aim on developing a spot that contributes to higher frequency, greater efficiency, and a general increase in end user experience,” he includes